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Kinugawa hot spring is famous for its skin care quality.
There are 2 large public baths and the men’s and women’s bathrooms are changed at midnight.
Please enjoy 2 style of public bath.

Large Public Bath

Wooden Bath : Keikoku-no-Yu

Large wooden bath, 5 kinds of bath and a sauna

・Large wooden bath
・Half-body bath
・Kenryokuishi-stone bath(luke warm)
・Germanium bath(hot)
・Rock bath(semi- outdoor)

Stone Bath : Yuri

Stone-bath, 5 kinds of bath and a sauna

・Smoky quartz + malachite(luke warm)
・Turquoise + moonstone
・Iolite + blue apatite(hot)
・Rock bath(semi- outdoor)

Time schedule

Time schedule

*Children of primary school age or older are asked to bathe in the bathing areas designated for their respective genders.
*Guests with tattoos are not allowed to bathe at large public baths.
*Sauna is available from 3:00 p.m. to 0:00 a.m. and from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Facility and amenity

Wooden Bath : Keikoku-Yu / Stone Bath : Yuri
shampoo cotton swabs
conditioner body soap
combs baby shampoo
baby soap cribs
facial washing foam razors
shower caps hair dryer

*Bath towels, towels, and toothbrush sets are provided in your guest room.
【Cosmetics】 Men (Skin lotion, styling gel, scalp care lotion) Women (Skin lotion, moisture milk, cleansing liquid, hair treatment, body lotion)

Private bath


Private bath with stone bathtub


Private bath with wooden bathtub

Service Hour and Admission

[Admission]3,300JPY/ for 45 min.
*Reservation is required

Facility and amenity

shampoo conditioner
combs body soap
cribs bath towels
facial washing foam towels
razors hair dryer
shower caps refrigerator
cotton swabs rest room
baby shampoo baby soap
Bathing Reminders
  1. Please remove your undergarments before entering the bathing area.
  2. Please rinse off your body completely before entering the bathing pool. (Please use the shower while sitting down, and help us conserve hot water.)
  3. Do not put your towel in the bathing pool.
  4. Do not run and swim in the bathing area.
  5. No photos and videos.
  6. Washing your clothes and shoes is not available.
  7. Please dry your body conpletely when returning to changing room.