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The concept behind the Kinugawa Onsen Hotel ― "yui tabi"

The "yui" in "yui tabi" is a kanji character that means to "tie" or to "connect."
"Yui tabi" embodies our desire to have our guests enjoy a visit where they can form ties with our hotel staff and the community.
Please embark on your "yui tabi" by deepening your ties with other people and enjoying a wide range of experiences with themes that are unique to hot spring ryokans, namely bathing, dining and traveling.

"Old establishments always remain new."

Old establishments always remain new. This is the service-oriented mindset that pushes us to constantly evolve not only our facilities but our hospitality as well. The tea service we offer in the lobby lounge is one such feature. Our intent was to increase opportunities for personal contact between different hotel guests and with our staff by serving tea in the lobby lounge instead of guest rooms. We also offer a variety of events that we pour our hearts into―including street performances and games―so that our guests are able to enjoy their time in various parts of the hotel outside of their guest rooms. We believe this is what sets ryokans apart from hotels.

Based on the "yui tabi" concept, we have developed five promises that we are committed to.

Old establishments always remain new.

Our aim is to be different for our guests every time they visit. Our ongoing evolution is based on our spirit of change and taking on challenges.

Honor is an asset.

We provide our guests with hospitality from our hearts at all times. Not only that, we interact from our hearts in our dealings with other companies as well.

Everything we do, we do to put a smile on our guests’ faces.

We provide services based on "kikubari" (careful attention), "mekubari" (watchful attention), and "kokorokubari" (thoughtful attention). We promise to put a smile on our guests' faces.

Good faith

We are committed to carrying out our work with sincerity and passion, and working in ways that create win-win situations for everyone involved. We are committed to taking imaginative and creative action on a daily basis to improve how we work.

Community contribution

We love and have pride in our community, and we are committed to identifying and communicating its many wonderful aspects.